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Original Adverts - Not Repro or Reprints - All adverts on this site are the original advert as it appeared in a publication of the time. These are NOT reprints. These are NOT modern reproductions. These adverts have been rescued from old publications and vintage magazines, carefully stored for up to 100 years for your pleasure.

Age - In the majority of cases the year of printing will be clearly stated in the description. On the larger items the date is usually printed on the top or bottom border. In the few cases where the date in not known, this will be indicated and a close approximation will be made, based upon other 'dated' examples.

Condition - All prints have been hand selected and are free from serious rips, creases or any other significant flaws. The borders and edges of sheets may contain small tears and other signs of age, although these will inevitably be covered and hidden from view during any framing process.

In the rare event where there is damage that includes the advert's display area, this will be clearly stated within the description.

Please note that on a small number of prints there is very faint shadowing from the text/pictures on the reverse of the print. This is hardly noticeable and rarely detracts from the beauty of the print.

All prints are supplied in sheet form, flat packed or in a strong postal tube, ready for you to frame yourself. I would recommend choosing your matt's (carboard surround) external dimensions in standard sizes thus allowing you to choose frames that are also in standard sizes, greatly reducing the cost of framing.

Mark Ritson